In-Flight Tweets

A fast 280 characters at a fast 500 mph! Unlike any other social media application, Twitter reigns supreme when it comes to rapid, brief messaging to a wide audience. Our in-flight tweeting application provides passengers the opportunity to reach their Twitter followers with unlimited, free of charge tweeting throughout their flight. Whether reviewing an onboard film or arrival information to those awaiting you on the ground, tweeting through this application is simple, fast and easy. After Facebook, the preferred social media platform of the millennial generation is Twitter. According to a 2016 study by Tech Impact, 26% of the population are active users and 59% have an account. With a population of over 92 million in the U.S. alone, offering complimentary services and reaching their larger social network audience increases brand affinity and potential revenue streams.



From an airline's Wi-Fi log-in page, prior to any Wi-Fi session payment, a passenger can send a message from start to finish in two steps.* Unlimited tweeting is available throughout each flight.

1.     Create Tweet

2.     Send Tweet

*Please Note: Twitter requires login credentials to be entered once per flight. Each user must also authorize the use of the application once before sending is permitted. The step count above does not include up to two additional promotional media screens.