In-flight Facebook Check-Ins

Unlimited Facebook Check-ins from seven miles up! With over 1.71 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the most popular social media network worldwide. FLM has created an easy-to-use application that connects passengers to their Facebook wall through continuous, free of charge posting capabilities for the duration of their entire flight. Posting to their Facebook wall offers an additional amenity during their journey, especially during long flight sectors. Airline operating costs are extremely low as each message is approximately 5 KB to 10 KB. The application is scheduled to launch in partnership with a major in-flight Wi-Fi provider in Q1 2017.

Access the World's Largest Digital Audience. Bloomberg Technology estimated in 2015 digital advertising media purchases of $59.6 billion in the U.S. alone. Facebook earned 64% of that revenue. The Check-In application offers media buyers the opportunity to sponsor user sessions while simultaneously driving a user's social network to promotional, data-driven opportunities. Interest in embedded ads offers opportunities to grow revenues even further. The 2016 Pew Research News Media Study found that sponsorship formats, including native advertising revenues, increased 9% to $1.7 billion. An integrated media campaign that includes the Facebook Check-In application offers the media buyer the opportunity to significantly expand audience reach at a very low price. 



From an airline's Wi-Fi log-in page, prior to any Wi-Fi session payment, a passenger can post a message on their Facebook News Feed in two easy steps*. Unlimited messaging posting is available throughout each flight.

1.     Write a message

2.     Post the message on their News Feed

*Please Note: Facebook requires login credentials to be entered once per flight. Each user must also authorize the use of the application once before sending is permitted. The step count above does not include up to two additional promotional media screens.