Instagram Selfies & Photo Sharing

Sky-high stories told with pictures. 300 million active and 75 million daily consumers use Instagram -  the world's largest online mobile photo-sharing and social networking service. Our Instagram application was originally developed in 2013 as PlaneSnap - an e-mail based photo sharing application. In early 2016, we began redeveloping PlaneSnap to become Instagram sharing. Offering the passenger the ability to take selfies or share their pictures - particularly of their travels - results in greater engagement with their customer through direct storytelling to their network. Like all the applications in our suite of Wi-Fi products, the Instagram is designed to be offered free of charge. Similar to our other applications, the Instagram app enables optional, integrated social media self-promotion and media sales capabilities. All of FLM's applications recognize the importance of minimizing data usage. As the file size of pictures can be large, the application has integrated file size management tools to limit data consumption while maintaining service quality. 



From an airline's Wi-Fi log-in page, prior to any Wi-Fi session payment, a passenger can take a selfie or upload a picture from their device's camera. From start to finish, posting a photo to their Instagram page is done in three easy steps*. Unlimited photo posting is available throughout each flight.

  1. Take a selfie or select a picture using the mobile device
  2. Add a caption to the photo
  3. Post the photo to Instagram or Facebook

*Please Note: Instagram and Facebook require login credentials to be entered once per flight. Each user must also authorize the use of the application once before sending is permitted. The step count above does not include up to two additional promotional media screens.